Word chick. Design Diva . . . Heartbroken Widow.

One crisp autumn night last October 2015, I went from wife to widow in an instant with no warning and no chance for goodbye.  We knew when we took our wedding vows 10 years ago, that cancer would be the third partner in our marriage. When you accept a disruptive, insidious elephant into your living room, you know anything can happen – and everything did.

So, we lived a much different life than we ever envisioned on our wedding day. But, we lived in love and in many ways, few ever knew my guy even had cancer. We never outran or outsmarted its sneaky presence, but my handsome, vibrant, generous husband was still working energetically the day he died.

My husband was creative, brave, fun, and loving.  He was the love of my life — as well as my business partner.  But in the end, no matter how cancer insinuated itself in our lives, it was typically ironic that in the end, I lost him not through cancer but an embolism.

The days before, since and ahead are all part of my journey.